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The Capoeira Team Luxembourg association, founded in 2000 and affiliated with the Luxembourg Federation of Martial Arts (FLAM) since 2015, is now firmly rooted in the cultural, sporting, and social landscape of Luxembourg.


The association is active in both the city of Luxembourg and the southern part of the country. Its goal is to promote the art of Capoeira and Brazilian culture through cultural and sporting activities and performances, but it also aims to enhance social cohesion through Capoeira.


Over the years, the association's work has expanded, and recently, Capoeira has even been introduced into the physical education curriculum of some Luxembourgish schools.


Today, in Luxembourg, to ensure that Capoeira classes are delivered in a regulated and secure framework, the Capoeira Team Luxembourg association actively contributes to the newly established training of Category C Capoeira coaches at the National School of Physical Education and Sport (ENEPS - Luxembourg (


This training is unique in the history of Capoeira in Europe. The first edition took place in March/April 2018 over four weekends, offering both theoretical and practical training, culminating in a diploma recognized by the Luxembourgish state. This diploma will allow graduates to professionalize their sport and assure the public that Capoeira instructors possess all the necessary skills to teach students, both adults and children.


The training is open to all experienced (graded) Capoeiristas residing in Luxembourg. The classes are led by Master Pelezinho (Mr. Ramos de Oliveira), already well-known in Luxembourg for his involvement in various social and sports projects, and Master Sabiá (Mr. Marques da Costa), one of the most experienced Capoeiristas in Europe.


The values of the Capoeira Team are at the core of everything we do. We live our values daily, whether during training or competitions. Our differences are essential for mutual respect and trust; without them, it would be challenging to achieve excellence in Capoeira. We set clear goals and strive to follow a common direction, continually learning from each other. We remain flexible and communicate openly and honestly.


Respect and acceptance of others, regardless of age, gender, or culture, are the foundations that motivate and unite Capoeiristas. Together, we seek excellence and fair play in games and competitions.

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Nossos valores
Projetos sociais


Capoeira has been used as a means of integration in various social projects, including partnerships with schools and communities benefiting children from disadvantaged families.


Since 2015-2016, the association has participated in numerous projects aimed at integrating refugees through Capoeira, in collaboration with the Red Cross, Caritas, ASTM, and the Ministry of Justice of Luxembourg.


The main goal of these projects was to allow individuals facing social difficulties to meet other Capoeiristas residing in Luxembourg. Capoeira aims to bring people together around a shared sport and interest, through significant encounters and graduation ceremonies.


Since 2010, our association has made significant investments in promoting the benefits of Capoeira in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic. Our association has made a notable contribution to local Capoeira associations, providing them with supervision. In 2016, Mr. Ramos de Oliveira supervised the 1st baptism organized by the Capoeira Congo association. In July 2019, the association organized the 1st Grand Capoeira Baptism in BANGUI, the Central African Republic, with the support of UNICEF and UNFPA-CAR.


Furthermore, Capoeira aims to improve the physical well-being and moral development of individuals. Everyone has strengths and talents, and it is important to support them in engaging in sports or artistic activities so they can discover their abilities. If they get involved in these activities, their self-esteem and motivation can improve, which can have beneficial effects on overall motivation in other areas, including education, indirectly contributing to successful integration into society.



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