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10 Reasons to Have Capoeira in Your School


1. Capoeira, a Complete Sport

Capoeira, by its nature, is a comprehensive sport that develops physical, mental, and social qualities. Only Capoeira can harmoniously combine elements of combat, dance, natural gymnastics, and musicality into a single discipline. Its multifaceted nature makes it unique, especially in an educational context.


2. Psychomotor Development

Body movement forms the basis of psychomotor work. At each stage of a child's development, engaging in physical and sporting activities is highly beneficial for psychomotor development.


3. Awareness of Physical Abilities - Being Comfortable in One's Body

Developing flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. Capoeira's basic exercises follow the simplicity of natural body movements, making learning easy. Children will discover what they are capable of and better understand their daily lives.


4. Psycho-social Impact - Being Comfortable in One's Mind

Through group activities, children learn discipline, sociability, how to follow rules, and how to listen to instructions. They are encouraged to become more independent and confident.


5. A Gender-Inclusive sport with Limitless Learning

Capoeira, being a versatile sport adaptable to everyone, easily fits into any group, regardless of gender. Both girls and boys are strongly encouraged to practice it!


6. Capoeira is Playful

It sets itself apart from other martial arts with its playful, musical, and acrobatic aspects that develop vital functions, heart rate, gymnastics with acrobatics, and music with rhythm, singing, and instruments. Capoeira's basic movements take the form of animals, such as a giraffe, frog, rabbit, or crab, allowing children to incorporate these movements into the "combat dance."


7. Historical and Cultural Significance

Capoeira has been recognized as a cultural heritage of humanity since 2014. It brings a rich cultural, artistic, and historical background, representing the strength of African peoples during the era of slavery in Brazil. The songs and movement names are in Portuguese, providing intellectual linguistic learning.


8. Freedom of Expression

Capoeira practice nurtures creativity and spontaneity. Capoeira classes provide room for individuals' free expression, valuing their uniqueness as a source of inspiration and creativity. Through increased self-confidence, children feel the desire to create and express themselves in a healthy manner.


9. Relaxation - Effective Anti-Stress Discipline

Contrary to popular belief, stress exists in children. The simple act of growing up induces a form of stress that appears at each stage of a child's development. Capoeira practitioners strive to maintain a sense of joy and lightness in their movements. Consequently, Capoeira can be an excellent means to alleviate stress and promote relaxation.


10. Adds Value to Events

Capoeira is a great attraction for school events. From the end of the school year to gatherings involving children and parents, Capoeira adds artistic joy and encourages interactive experiences.


The Capoeira Team is present in the most prestigious schools in Luxembourg. The classes are taught by our professionals directly at the school premises. Registration is available for students enrolled in each of the schools, and it is the responsibility of the school administration to carry out the registrations.

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